Isabelle Eyre

“I moved to Fairfield County from Seattle two years ago to attend Sacred Heart University’s MA program in film and television production in Stamford. It was a huge leap—I’d never lived outside of Washington state before then, but I packed up my Subaru and drove 3000 miles to get here. For a long time I had been thinking about leaving my 9-5 office job to go back to school and pursue filmmaking. It was a vocational calling for me—I believe God wants us to use art to show the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, and that we need more Catholics in the world of entertainment and media. Immediately I became involved with Bible Study and diocesan events and service. Through the amazing young adult community here and my parish of St John the Evangelist, I met some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I’m now preparing to leave for Los Angeles to write and produce films in the next stage of my career and vocational calling. I’m going to miss the Diocese of Bridgeport’s Catholic Community immensely, and am very grateful for how everyone here has helped me grow in my faith.”

-Isabelle Eyre, Filmmaker, Stamford, CT


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